About me


Who am I – that’s an everlasting question – life is in constant evolution and change and so is my art.

I´m inspired by a certain feeling you get looking at interesting shaped trees stretching out to something far, otherworldly clouds or a thin strip light on someones face. A sense of stardust. The surprising rainbows on crows wings in the morning mist or the sound the swallows make flying around in the evening . The fairy tale in real life. The touch of God, whatever that is to someone. The magic you see if you open your eyes in a different way. I´m interested in the journey of the soul, mysticism, mythology, the forces of nature, human nature, feelings and spiritual evolution, sincerity, authenticity, energy, natural high. Trying to bring that into this world, transform, transcend, dive deep, open up.

I´m also trying to be mindful of what I bring here with my creation. To lift the viewers to a higher mindset, make them recognize their true connection to nature, each other and the Universe, that is my deeper goal. I don´t feel right about portraying everything that is wrong in the world, but bring positive vibes and scenarios to the canvas and our consciousness.

Still, the light is so much more interesting with the contrast of shadows. We also need to integrate our darker sides to become really whole. I´ve also been wondering about those topics for a long time.

And where do the ideas come from? The dreams, the visions, the moving experiences and the transformations… Sometimes something just wants to be born so much it manifests.. and it chooses an artist who brings it into physical reality. It´s not always clear to the mind how things happen. I have also done many commissions and most clients have come to me with just the topics I´ve been into or wanting to learn more about. Things happen for a reason.

I hope you find what you´re looking for  ♥

Ave Kassia Teede